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Joseph Waters

JOSEPH MARTIN WATERS (JOZEFIUS VAATIERZ RATTUS): With worldview distilled by the open, idealistic, rebellious, acid infused sixties, Jozefius' music is about community, with the artist as non-judgmental observer on the edge of the cultural ripple. Music is about stimulating an ongoing two-way conversation. That is the guiding principle. Every other consideration regarding content, style, density etc. is divisive hot air. Currently work with a band of amazing classically trained musicians, the SWARMIUS ensemble.

Three Representative Works: Surf Double Concerto for Violin & Alto Saxophone — Debussy meets "Wipeout", commissioned by Orchestra Nova, Moonlight Beach Chaconne (J.S. Bach, The Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder Take A Trip To Nigeria, Where They Encounter The Ghost Of Richard Wagner, Impersonating A Shaman) Dragon tribute to J-Pop, video games, Gershwin, Lady Gaga, Charlie Parker & Luciano Berio

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• Music: SWARMIUS on iTunes
• Web: Joseph Waters, SWARMIUS, NWEAMO
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• Video: SWARMIUS featured performance at FeNAM (36th Festival of New American Music), Nov. 3, 2013. Suite Noir: The Passion of Perry Mason (Mvt 1: Whispering Sands)
(Mvt 2: The Court of Last Resort) and (Mvt 3: Cerulean and other colors of the sky)

Oregon Connection: Lived in Portland from 1990-2001. Taught at Lewis & Clark College 1993-2001.

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