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PEDRAM DIBA: Diba is an Iranian-American composer who lives in Eugene, Oregon. Growing up he wanted to become a pianist. However, he had to stop playing the piano due to hand injuries. Not being able to play the piano did not stop him from pursuing music. He instead started composing and expressing his thoughts and feelings through composition. Diba believes that one of the many the purposes of music is education. He believes that music can teach people about world cultures, science, history, and many other things. Diba has a great passion for orchestral music, and he also loves fusion, programmatic, and film music.

Representative Works: Journey to Tehran (2015) Shoor (2014)

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Oregon Connection: I have lived in Oregon for five years; two years in Portland and three in Eugene. I moved to Eugene to join the music program at the University of Oregon where I have composed a piece for the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium (2014) and have also composed pieces for the Oregon Composers Forum ensemble and the TieHei ensemble. I am currently a junior in music composition and study with Dr. David Crumb.

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