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Jordan Isaiah Whitney Dykstra was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa, educated in Southern California, and re-educated in the Pacific Northwest.

Three Representative Works:

Swell Drifts and Disintegrations for viola sextet and double bass (2013)
Darkened Bar for 4 violas and 4 cellos (2013)
Rolling Thundara for viola octet (2013)

Visit Me Online:
• Music: SoundCloud and jordandkystra.com
• Social Media: Facebook

Oregon Connection: I moved from Los Angeles to Portland in 2007 to work for the label Marriage Records. I soon became involved in the improvisational and experimental music scenes, contributing often to live performance, score readings, arrangements, and recordings. In 2013 I moved just outside the city to focus on composition and my first proper record, "Audition".

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